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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Watching Through The Window

We all know the world is in constant motion on many different levels. The two differing celestial levels. Revolving around the Sun and rotating while journeying on its path. It's not just the planet it's the lifeforms on it up to and including the ones designated as people. I used to live in a place where the living room had this giant street level picture window.

On my rocker
Well actually, in my office/lounge chair I would watch as people went pass. Some on foot. Others by car, motorcycle or even bicycle. Some alone with the look of determination. Others conversing with a companion or two. And yes there were the obligatory drivers on cellphone talking and or texting along. All with their own agendas oblivious to all round them and particularly if you ever asked one of them oblivious to me watching.

It's a scientific fact
A person can only process up to two instances unfolding around them. If you don't believe that have three or four people talk to you at the same time about different subjects. Even for the most acute the most one can process of the four is two. Many who do will have inaccuracies in the recounting of those conversations.

Back at the picture window
I was seeing what was really parts of many things as a whole. From there I would even grasps bits of knowledge and create little stories and articles as a whole. All the while was world was spinning as it paced itself around the Sun.

The point
We all have the vision into the world thru that big picture window of our own choosing. And even if we are looking at the same thing, somehow our collections will vary and yet still have degree of accuracy.
Why because it's all subjective to your personal perception. And at times that's colored by our interpretations sometimes called opinion. Now think a moment. This rotating roundish ball of mud and other such things racing through space contains millions or may billions of these perceptions and opinions taking place at one time at any given moment. Now armed with this knowledge do you think you can spare a moment to create a perception or form an opinion on how you can express a creative way to make someone else's day just a little bit better at any particular time you perceive would be just the right time? Look out the picuture window of your choosing and think about it.

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