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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Acceptance: The Good Way and The Bad Way

A Semi-Satirical Analysis

We are experiencing hard times here at home in the USA. They are nothing compared to the situation in Syria or Durfar. Still, we have the highest percentage of poverty per capita among what's called as the developed nations. A point supported by Jeffery Sachs author of “The End of Poverty.”

A question asked
During one of the previous presidential debates a woman in the audience asked why if we have the problems (poverty, hunger and so on) in our own country why do we send billions in aide overseas? As you can imagine the answers were all over the map in many ways. Still, they all gave a valid reason for the practice. To further the point almost all the analysis from political commentators supported the explanations in their feedback. Note, I said almost all. I didn't check in with Ann Coulter nor do I intend to.

We do this in everyday life
We question things around us, about us, and within us. And at times our inner self, the political analyst within comes up with either a true acceptance or finds a self justified acceptance for either our actions or stances on a concerned issue. In other words some of these are valued truisms and others closer to the line of being a form of lies.

The heart of the matter
A common theme in my research in the field of creativity lately is that it was found that most creative people are the best liars. Not just from a few sources but from a large majority. And the articles and reports almost always were slanted as if to say that was a good thing. For me, this both acceptance in a good way and a bad way. Why, because it steals the luster from being a creative person. Not one of these sources gave justification for indicating being a liar is a good thing other than being an adjunct to the creative personality. Also it not a good personal representation of the person called me.

My conclusion
We must then categorize politicians as part of the creative community. Which could possibly be the only point Ann Coulter and I may ever be in agreement with. Which I will say I resent but I don't know if it's due to the former or the latter or maybe both. So, in line with being contrary to the title of this article I can't decide whether any of this can be labeled “Acceptance- The Good Way and The Bad Way.” The reason why is I reject it all even Ann Coulter except the point of the existence of a high level of poverty in America.. I do have acceptance that we have the resources and the ability to either reduce this aberration or eliminate it. And I will add I do not have acceptance in the fact it even exists at all. We have the creativity and the knowledge to end this plight. Maybe one of the questions at the aforementioned debate should have been “Why aren't we doing so?”

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