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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can Creativity Be Taught

This is a subject that interests everyone. Who has sat down to doodle and draw at one time or another thought their life? Or maybe tried to assemble a model, picked up a craft of one sort or another at a store? The answer is just about everyone. Why? Because not only are people creativity curious, it's an innate function of child development.

Maybe you are asking the wrong question
It's not can I be taught to be creative? It's more about developing a how can I do this mindset. Usually this mindset is born out of necessity. For instant I have a brother that taught himself creative forms of home repair and auto repair. Sure he needed guidance at times but by using creativity he built out his ability to problem solve many other fixes. He had no formal training in these area, but by the power of creative deduction he found his way.

It's not unlike babies
Nobody shows a child to climb out of a crib, playpen, or gate. Yet most do. Parents have reported incidents where children learning how to talk have strung together coherent word combinations they have never been exposed to. The mind begins applying creativity by learning and improvising naturely.

So, can creativity be taught?
The answer is yes. The reason is we have been developing the tools to do so our whole lives. The desire to learn something and take it to the next level is proof that not only do we possess the ability, but we have what it takes to apply it to different areas and interest we have in life. We take creativity and use the tool of knowledge to make creativity a force in our everyday lives.

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